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In News - General on November 27, 2009 at 12:00

By Joe,

The new German Bettingexpert site, go check it out

The new German Bettingexpert website has been launched this week and that is great news for all the people who are able to read German. Do check it out!

Bettingexpert have come a long way since our first site was launched. have been expanding to offer our readers to enjoy and now offers in five different languages. They are English, Danish, Polish,Serbian and now also in German.

The German Bettingexpert website is now available not just for the German people but for all those who can read German too. Our German website was launched this week and expanded our service to the German reading public. Everybody is welcome to join the Bettingexpert German website and we would love to see new members signing up using our German service.

For those who either speak or read German, the site is now available and waiting for you to check it out. Click here.

We thank all our loyal readers and tipsters who have keep our site exciting and continue to contribute in the website. In return we hope that we will continue to offer you a quality service.


Read the report on called  A betting report for the 2008/2009 season and the tipsters might be able to help you decide where you want to bet.

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