SAS Liga: FC Midtjylland vs. Randers

In Football, SAS Liga on November 4, 2009 at 09:31

By Joe,

His book made all the headlines and FC Midtjylland terminated his contract. Where will he go now?

FC Midtjylland are making headlines in Denmark for all the wrong reasons all thanks to one man, goal keeper Arek Onyszko. He came out a self autobiography called “fucking polak” and it has caused more trouble amongst the politicians to newspapers. FC Midtjylland have terminated Arek Onyszko last Monday and will have prove that football is the talking point on Sunday rather than the off the field headlines.

FC Midtjylland are currently 9th in the SAS liga with 15 points after 14 matches. They are eights point away from the relegation zone and they would most likely hope that will continue their unbeaten streak to five games. They drew 2-2 away against AGF last weekend and their last win came two weeks ago at home against Herfolge. It looks like FC Midtjylland might have attracted unwanted attention but it could be a good thing if they get a few more people into the stadium to boost their financial situation.

Randers are sitting firmly at the bottom of the SAS Liga. There is no escaping for them as they have only 4 points in 14 matches and going down is inevitable. Manager Ove Christensen knows that the team needs some point and it has to be now or never. It still amaze some people that they have not won a single game yet and losing to Silkeborg at home last week was an ultimate low. It will be certainly a tough trip to FC Midtjylland but anything can happen but it will take a miracle to save Randers.

With the turmoil at both clubs, FC Midtjylland seems to be the one that will survive this dark period. All eyes have been on Arek Onyszko but football is about 11 players not just one. With that fact in mind and Randers failure to win a game this season, FC Midtjylland looks set to take the 3 points.

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