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By Joe,

Barclays Premier League

The start of the Premiership League will sees 20 teams involved with the title challenge, Champions League qualification, Uefa Europa League spots and relegation battle. There will be 9 months of exciting British football at its best and here are the predications where the clubs could end up in the 2009/10 Premier League:

Title Challengers:

Reigning champion, Manchester United, will have to fend off both Liverpool and Chelsea. Surprisingly neighbors Manchester City could play a part in where the title will end up.


Liverpool to win the Premiership, followed by Manchester United and Chelsea.

Chasing the Champions League spot:

Only 4 spots are on offer and Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City, Tottenham and Everton could be battling out for the 4th place when May comes around. There will be many intense battles through the season for this spot.


Manchester City has the money and players on paper to secure that spot. Losers will have the chance to enter into the UEFA Europa League.

Relegation Battle:

Hull City, Wigan, Sunderland, Bolton, new promoted Burnley, Wolves and Birmingham will certainly play a part in the relegation thriller at the end of the season. Last season there were about 10 teams involved in the drop nearing the end of the season and a repeat can happen again.


New promoted teams, Burnley and Wolves could go straight back down while Birmingham is an unknown force. Wigan looks like a potential to berth their last spot playing Championship football next season.

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