Who will miss Michael Jackson

In News - General on June 26, 2009 at 16:12

By Joe,
Michael JACKSON stadium1

Stadium all around the world changing its image to stage the iconic pop star, Michael Jackson

The sad news came so suddenly and this was shocking to many punters, bookies and football fans around the world. Michael Jackson affected the sporting world and the gambling industry in so many different ways that you might never have thought of. There were always a flutter or two regarding his ongoing public image to his talents. However, with his death, these bets might cease to an end. In the sporting world, there are many who will be enjoying his music across the stadiums and many will use his music for motivational purposes.

Many bookies have been taking bets for or against Michael Jackson ever since he started his career with the Jackson Five. Recent bets have centered on whether he will be actually performing at the O2 Arena, “This is it” tour in London, which was going to be staged in the fortnight. In a long run, you would have thought that the bookies would be probably laughing all the way to the bank with their winning. Well think again, with so many dedicated MJ fans worldwide betting on Michael Jackson to succeed, the bookies might be the ones who have lost more in the long run. After hearing the news that Michael Jackson has passed away, all current bets have been ceased. The bookies did not value much on MJ  to play in all of his scheduled 50 concerts at the O2 Arena, so that round goes to the bookies. Never the less, the lost of MJ will definitely impact us, financially.

How many of you have heard a Michael Jackson’s song play during pre-event, interval or even post-event at either in a stadium, public events, major events or special events? Around the world, in many football stadiums, you would somehow have heard a Michael Jackson’s song been played one time or another. Many stadiums have also hosted the big mega superstar too. Now there will be only memories of him echoing through the sounds speakers and through his endorsement of the popular drink – Pepsi.

The Football and the Gambling Industry will miss him. Through good times and bad time, he will be remember as one of the greatest artist in the History of Pop.

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