Third Place Playoff: South Africa vs Spain

In FIFA Confederation Cup, Football on June 26, 2009 at 18:16

By Joe,


This is one of the last games of Fifa Confederation Cup where the host nation will meet Spain again in the city of Rustenburg. Both teams will bow out of the tournament competing for the third place of Fifa Confederation Cup. Both teams lost in their semifinals but it was Spain’s surprising defeat to USA that shocked the football world. Despite the defeat, Spain are still favorite to beat South Africa.

This is South Africa’s first Fifa Confederation Cup and they have impressed many people by reaching the third place play off. South Africa met Spain earlier last week in the group stages in the last playing day. South Africa needed a win or draw to go through to the semifinals but Spain denied them by winning 2-0 on the night. Despite the defeat to the host nation, they still qualified for the semifinals. In the semifinals, South Africa impressed against Brazil and they only narrowly lost 1-0 in the dying moments of the 2nd half. They demonstrated that they can compete with the strong football nations and could match Spain once again. Coach Joel Santana will hope that South Africa can finish third place and revenge for their earlier 2-0 defeat to Spain

Up to the semifinals, Spain were in great form, they scored 8 goals and did not concede any goals. They also enjoyed the successfully 35 unbeaten winning streaks going into the USA game. However, this came to an end when they were stunned by playing the team USA in the semifinals. Spain were not able to be more cynical in front of the goal and some poor defending meant that Spain were denied of a dream final against Brazil. Del Bosque will have to rally his troops and win the third place for pride sake. Although, you never know with Del Bosque, as he could start with some fringe players as a reaction to his player’s performance against USA.

It was not expected that Spain would be finishing this tournament by playing South Africa for the third place. Spain are favorite to beat South Africa again and the Bafana Bafana boys will certainly put a show for the fans as an appreciation of their support. A win here would suit the host nation, but Spain has also got good value at mybet as they are offering 1.55 for a Spain win.

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  1. the final which will take place today is quite that, the cup is for brazil dispite the fact that the ball is round and it change from time to time,but still USA will not have that cup.

  2. iam the typical supporter of brazil, i support them for the wonders they are doing in the field the proved themselves in several occassion that they can play football.for the match of today i may say long live brazil take your cup and prepare to take also to take the world cup.

    • Hi David,

      thanks for your response. Please keep coming back with some opinions. Brazil is an amazing team and expected to win any competitions that they are involved. Football without Brazil would be a lost as they have lots of skills and talents. May the best team wins, USA will find it tough but it is still 11 vs. 11 on the day.

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