Spain vs Iraq

In FIFA Confederation Cup, Football on June 15, 2009 at 18:03

By Joe,

Fernando Torres Spain National Team

Spain looks likely to top the group A in the Fifa Confederation Cup after an easy win against New Zealand in their opening game. They now travel to the city of Manguaung/Bloemfontein where they will meet Iraq in the Free State Stadium. Spain are heavy favorites to beat Iraq and if they get that good start again, everyone is in for a great football game.

Spain finished off New Zealand in merely 15 minutes of the first half, all thanks to Fernando Torres who scored the fastest hat trick in the tournament. The Torres and David Villa’s partnership must be one of the most fearer pair at the moment. They were all about pace, quick thinking, intelligent in their runs and it seems they have forged a great understanding between them. If they continue this good run, Iraq will be in for a nightmare. Spain was magnificent on the night against New Zealand, their quick passing, good movement and clinical finishing of the game was really enjoyable to watch. It took them only 24 minutes to get a 4-0 advantage which is a sign of a great team. The night ended with a 5-0 victory to Spain and the European Champions of 2008 looks to be on course to win group A.

Iraq played well against South Africa in their opening game but without any effectiveness in the offensive half. Iraq was under pressure all throughout the game and they played long balls up front most of the time. If they are to repeat this tactic, Iraq will not certainly be lucky against Spain. Iraq will have to be solid on the night to be in reach of a chance of getting anything out of this game.

Could there be a repeat of the New Zealand game? There is a big chance that Iraqi team will drop their concentration levels during the game. Spain once again look likely to dominate the headlines for this game and if you will go with Spain, Ladbrokes is offering odds 1.08 for Spain to embarrass Iraq on the night.

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