LA Lakers vs Magic

In Basketball, NBA on June 13, 2009 at 10:22

By Joe,

kobe bryant LA Lakers

Game 5 takes us back to Staples Center, Los Angles as Lakers leads the series by 3-1. Lakers can be crown champions for the 15th time if they are to beat Magic on the night. At the moment, Lakers have the distinct advantage, needing only one victory to secure the title. They have two home court advantage and Head coach Phil Jackson will be itching to wrap up the series.

Lakers were in great spirits at Game 4 last Thursday night. Lakers beat Magic in Florida after yet another overtime game in Orlando to secure the advantage. Lakers did struggle in the first three quarters as they played the catching up during the night. Kobe held the team together but it was until Forward T. Ariza started to pitch in on the box score. The night belonged to Guard Derek Fisher as he rained two 3 points during the last moment in the regular game to tied it at 87-87 and then in the overtime, win at 99-91. Lakers will now continue their great spirits in game 5 and hoping to win the title in front of their home crowd.

Orlando Magic might have stopped the legacy of being one of the two franchises not winning a single game during the NBA finals. However, winning one game is all they got at the moment unless they win at Staples center to keep their NBA title alive. In game 4, Magic was solid on the night but they just didn’t have the last mile to stop Derek Fisher (twice). Dwight Howard was once again magnificent in his game with 16 points, 21 rebounds and setting finals-records of nine blocks. However, that didn’t help them as he failed at the free throw line, missing twice with 11.1 seconds to go in regular time. They will now have to regroup and pull everything they have to win game 5 or otherwise, it will be bye bye for them.

Game 5 could be the end of the road for the Magic. They needs to pull anything out from the hat to have remote chance of winning the title as no team has come back from 2-0 in the series to win the NBA title. Magic will need to stop Kobe Bryant once again and now, they also have to with Derek Fisher in the dying moments. Lakers will stick to their game as it has only failed them once and looks likely they are to win their 15th as Betfair are offering a whopping 2.32 for a home win.

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