Orlando Magic vs LA Lakers

In Basketball on June 10, 2009 at 21:23

By Joe,

Game 4 of the NBA finals will take place at the Orlando Magic RDV Sportsplex home court in Florida. The Lakers are currently leading with 2-1 in the series and this match up would certainly go all the way to game 6 or 7 if the Orlando Magic is to win game 4. Game 4 will be one out of the two last home court advantages that the Magic will have. Magic are favorite to take game 4 which will open the series once again.

In game 3, Orlando Magic came up with the goods in the first home game of the NBA finals at the RDV Sportsplex. Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis scored 21 points each and both were outstanding on the night as they beat the Lakers 108 – 104 after entering the first overtime of the game. Magic did play a bit of a catch up game against Lakers on the night but it was point guard Alston, with 20 points, who turned the game in Magic’s favor at 102 – 99. Magic played with more energy and speed at the offensive end and held Lakers Kobe Bryant at bay. Magic will once again ask Dwight Howard, Rafer Alston and Rashard Lewis to play to their best. Magic could be the fourth team in NBA history to come back from a 2-0 down in the series and win the finals.

LA Lakers are the favorites to win the finals. They started well back in Los Angles winning game 1 and game 2. However in game 3, defeat was evitable as last year’s MVP Kobe Bryant did not bring his game to Orlando. He shot only 31 points on the night where he hit only 5 field basket out of 10 compared to Kobe’s 14 baskets in a roll in Los Angles. P. Gasol held the ranks and chipped in a few baskets. However, it did little to help to the team as they were holding on to Kobe in keeping them alive in the game. If Lakers want to finish off the series then they will need L. Odom to perform defensively and offensively. He will be a key element in stopping the Magic offensive and release Kobe Bryant in concentrating only to score points for the Lakers.

Game 4 could be one of the tightest game in the finals. Magic are desperate to win this game as they know after this match they will be facing two games in Los Angles. Lakers could finish off Magic with a win here but the question to ask is which Kobe Bryant will turn up on the night? Magic works well when people don’t see the through the trick and I don’t think Lakers will be able to regroup quickly enough to expose Orlando Magic. Magic to tie up the series and Betfair as they are offering 1.76 for a home win.

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