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In Betting on June 8, 2009 at 10:09

By Joe,

Mobile phones have revolutionized our day to day communication and today, most of it are equipt to connect to the internet. We can now access online betting on the go without using or carrying our computers.

Without any doubts, sports betting on mobile phones belongs among this year’s betting hits, since its granting the possibility of betting and winning anytime and anywhere. How does it work, can be seen for example at the web pages of the company, which has opened up the possibility of mobile betting to the bettors recently. The bettors registered at can login to and get the chance to exploit the offer of the sport bets not only in their mobile phones, but also at the web pages and receive 100 EURO bonus.

The system of mobile betting at is quite easy. After the login, you have only to choose the kind of sport for your bet, and then to specify the particular sport events and bet types. For an easier orientation, provides also a transparent mobile help page for the bettors.

Why not try it and let me know how mobile betting is.


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