England vs. Andorra

In Football, World Cup 2010 on June 8, 2009 at 11:58

By Joe,

Fabio Capello England Team

This will be a contest that England will comfortably win without much of an effort needed. Andorra is considered as one of the minnow teams in Europe where the table in group six does shows it. This is a typical top against bottom game. Andorra travels to London to face England in the famous Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night. England are favorite to win this game and they are expected to beat Andorra with more than 3 goals.

Although England’s win over Kazakhstan this week did come with a bit of difficulties as they were held back at halftime and were close to go behind at kickoff, nonetheless, they got the result they wanted. They managed to beat Kazakhstan with 4-0. England have been impressive in their qualifying stages, winning six out of six games making them one of the strongest team. Victory against Andorra could already secure the automatic spot for England’s one way ticket to South Africa 2010. Capello will certainly send a team that are capable of getting the right result. England last met Andorra in Barcelona where they won 3-0. They are expected to beat Andorra again this time in their home soil with the same result over Kazakhstan. Gareth Barry is suspended for this game.

Andorra has never scored or beaten England eventhough their previous meeting in Barcelona was marred by English fans taunting their own players. This did not help them at all. Andorra is currently at bottom of the group with 5 games played but also 5 defeats. With a strong and confident team like England, it will be hard for Andorra to come up with the goods no matter which squad they use. You might want to look out for I.S Lima, it seems he is the only player that has scored for Andorra in their qualifying games so far.

Possibly one of the easiest match that England will encounter at Wembley and it is another match up where there is not much of a contest involved. The chances of England qualifying to South Africa are very high and could be a sign for the others in the group to fight for second place. With Fabio Capello in reign, he will be looking to get the job done as earlier as possible and mybet as they are offering 1.05 for an away win.

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