Milan vs. Juventus

In Football on May 9, 2009 at 16:19

By Joe,

Paolo Maldini Milan

The wheeling and dealing of players and managers are already under way in Italy even before the season has not officially ended. Juventus could see Manager C. Ranieri go if his performance has not improved while Milan’s Manager Ancelotti is being tracked down by Chelsea. Both squads might see some new signings. In the last few weeks, Milan and Juventus have switched positions in the top half of the league. Juventus has been trailing behind the league leader Inter for most of the season and now AC Milan has taken that position. Milan currently with 70 points and Juventus with 66 points are now in a battle to see who will end up 2nd. While Juventus and Milan are battling out for the televise Sunday evening match in Italy, with only 3 games to go and Inter with 77 points could be one step closer of being the champion if Juventus beats Milan.

Juventus is in a situation where they can hand over either the title to Inter or let their opponent on the night challenge Inter for the title. Any result from this game will not be a good outcome and it will be distasteful to the Juventus fans as they despise Inter. The reason why Juventus is in this situation is simply because they were not able to win their last five league games which clearly show they do not have the champion winning credentials. Ranieri will have to think hard on the possible outcome and he will have to do it without Pavel Nedved and Olof Mellberg. Cristian Molinaro is also unavailable as he suffers from abdominal pains.

The last surge from Milan could end up one step closer in challenging their city rivals Inter for the Serie A title. There could be no better way to end the season than to see both Milano clubs fighting it out for the title on the last day of the play. If that is to happen, Paolo Maldini will retire with a title and a great sending off from the Milan fans. The game against Juventus could be the last top flight tie for Maldini and Ancelotti in Milan colors. Milan needs to win and they will call on Beckham, Kaka, Ronaldinho and Inzaghi to find their way on the night to bring a victory for the full San Siro crowd.

Both teams are doing what they can to bring the game back to life as Inter has been leading for most of the season. Milan looks more of a candidate to match Inter at the moment. Juventus has not really picked up and it showed in their last few games that when things mattered most, their weakness shows. A squad full of superstars and a big 3 point on stakes, Milan will be looking to win it and win it with style, so go for Ladbrokes as they are offering a home win at 1.72.

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