Liverpool vs. Newcastle

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By Joe,


Liverpool and Newcastle have one thing in common both have the slimmest chance in getting what they want by the end of this season. Liverpool wants and is fighting for the Premiership title while Newcastle wants and is fighting to stay alive in the league. Liverpool needs a win and Newcastle needs a win, so who do you think will win this coming Sunday?

Liverpool will be forced to attack on the day if they want something out of this game. It is no surprise that Liverpool have proved that they can score goals without Gerrard on the pitch. The last 4 games, Liverpool has scored 15 goals and looks like they are scoring goals in every game they play which shows they can beat any opposition on the day. The spirit of the team is strong and they have a strong bond under Benitez. With the absence of Gerrard, Benitez can be happy with his team’s form. Benitez might want to change one thing before the game against Newcastle, the defense has to stop leaking goals. This could be helped with the return of Gerrard on Sunday. With his presence there will be that belief that might urge the team to go one better and regain the title of one of the best defensive team in the Premier League. Only a win will satisfy the Anfield home team.

Newcastle has lost their confidence and their Monday night 0-0 draw against Portsmouth proved that their Premiership status might be up for expiry. Newcastle under Shearer has not made the effect that the fans wanted. There is not a lot of improvement in the results but the game play has gotten better. The results are not going Newcastle’s way and they have another 4 games to go to rescue themselves. If they don’t pick up the 3 points this weekend, then they will struggle and could end up in the Championship next season. With that in mind, Newcastle will be in turmoil, first Alan Shearer’s temporary contract ends in the close season, the players will be looking for a new club and the disaster of having a huge debt has not cleared out. The players have to take responsibility or otherwise the unthinkable would be a reality as the Geordies boat is sinking fast.

Liverpool is favorites as their form has been good and unbeatable. Newcastle has not been up for the task to win any games under Shearer. The corresponding match ended up 5-1 at St. James Park, this could be another repeat , and mybet is offering 1.30 for a home win.

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