West Bromwich Albion vs. Sunderland

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By Joe,

Scott Carlson

West Bromwich Albion ambition to stay in the league might have evaporated last weekend when they lost 4-2 away to Manchester City. WBA is likely to feature in the Championship next season unless they win all of their last 5 games and hope that the others will drop points here and there. Miracles do happen but will the baggies find it and that is the question? Sunderland will think otherwise as they are only 4 points away from the drop. The Northern club is facing to drop if their Northern neighbors Newcastle begins to get points. The Black Cats will hope they won’t walk through any ladder from now to the season end.

It is clear after last weekend’s performance at the Manchester City Stadium that WBA was deemed to be the first causality in the Primer League. Their efforts in trying to win games this season has been fruitless in return to their work rate. Their score rate and defensive line has been under par but nevertheless they have fought on with dignity. Scott Carson could be easily their man of the season and when your goal keeper is your best player, clearly, is there something wrong with the team. Last time WBA won at home was against Middleborough with 3-0 back in January and after that it all went downhill. WBA only registered 4 points out of 12 games. WBA will have to play this game for the fans and if they want a miracle then it has to start now.

Sunderland won the corresponding tie at the Stadium of the Light with 4-0 back in December. They will be looking to take all 3 points to secure another year in the Premiership. Sunderland beat another relegation candidate Hull City last weekend with 1-0 and this renewed spirits can be passed on Saturday’s 15:00 kick off. Sunderland will have their deadly forward duo Cisse and Jones preying on any defensive mistake which WBA are prone to during their play. Finnish Taino has also claimed his availability for the battle for survival in the Premiership. There will be no easy games to the run up to the final five games and if Sunderland wants security then they can win this game and breathe easier. is offering odds 3.30, for a draw cannot be ruled out for this occasion. The odds look pretty decent and WBA would not be likely to go down without a fight.

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