Hull City vs. Liverpool

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By Joe,


With five games left in the season, Liverpool’s season draw to a close where they have to do more than expect if they are to win their first Premier League title since 1989. They are currently 3 points away from Manchester United who has one game in hand. Nevertheless, Liverpool travels to Hull City in search for their 3 points which will effectively keep their dreams alive and pressure Manchester United to faulty in the last hurdle.

If there is one thing that Liverpool does well in the past few games, then the word goals should be associated with Liverpool Football Club. They have racked up in total of 12 goals in the past 3 games but also conceded 8 goals too. This is very unusual from the Liverpool side, it’s maybe the push to win the games has really deserted the whole organized ethos that Benitez has built with Liverpool. The search for victory has left Liverpool vulnerable at the back. Pepe Reina has certainly been busier than the boy balls getting the ball out of the net. The midweek game against Arsenal typically brought Liverpool’s dream grinding to a halt with the last minute Arshavin’ goal bought the Liverpool down to its knees losing 3-4 on the night. But there was still time for more drama and Yossi B. turned the game around and hope was restore with a fainted one as Liverpool ended the game 4-4 before the fat lady had sung. Now will the game against Hull City could be any more different?

Hull City need points and only that will save them from surviving the Premiership in their first year in the top flight. They know Liverpool will score on the night so the plan is more likely to outscore them or keep them quiet on the day. Either way Manager Phil Brown was at Anfield to witness Liverpool 4 -4 encounter in the midweek to take note on how to score against Liverpool to be mind of his players to emulate Russian Arshavin on the day. The Tigers will be growling on the day but it’s yet to be seen if they can be as effective as they were back in September at Anfield drawing with Liverpool 2-2 on the day. That result was sensational and if a repeated result is to be a reality then Hull City could march on to record their best performance in the club’s history in surviving the Premiership.

Liverpool’s dream was a little bit dent in the midweek and only a win here against Hull City will cheer them up a bit. The realistic chance to win the Premiership is slowly fading away but Hull’s chance to remain in the Premiership is not. This game would be good for Hull to pick a point just to collect enough points to survive. So if there is no win, it is not the end of the world. If Steven Gerrard returns for this weekend tie then a Liverpool win is well in sight. is offering odds 1.36 for Liverpool to win and I don’t see why this game won’t be a high scoring game so Total goals.

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  1. I think LIV will win.

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