Liverpool vs. Arsenal

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By Joe,

Liverpool will have to do this game without their captain Steven Gerrard

Liverpool will have to do this game without their captain Steven Gerrard

Arsenal travels to Anfield for the Premiership midweek game encounter for the last tie between the top 4 teams. This game was moved to the midweek because of Arsenal’s FA Cup semifinal game against Chelsea last weekend where they lost to a goal during the last 10 minutes of the game at Wembley. That result could affect the run up to the game this Tuesday’s top of the league televised evening game at Anfield Road.

Last time these two teams met on a midweek game was last year’s 2nd leg of the Champions League which ended with a 4-2 win to Liverpool. The game really set both teams fans alight on the night. It was only in the last ten minutes that the Liverpool had the last laugh on the night as Arsenal equalized to 2-2 but Liverpool scored 2 goals in the last 7 minutes to go through to the semifinals of the Champions League. The roles are reverse this year, Arsenal has made it to the Semifinals of the Champion Leagues while Liverpool crashed out at Stamford Bridge in the quarterfinals. The role has reversed significantly as they are not challenging each other in the Premiership for the League title. Arsenal can mathematically win the Premiership, that is if the teams in front of them will drop up to a minimum of 8 points in the last 6 games.

Liverpool will want to win this tie against Arsenal. They still have a realistic chance in catching up to the league leaders Manchester United. Liverpool will have to do this game without their captain Steven Gerrard. He has not recovered from the groin injury that forced him to sit out against Chelsea in the 2nd leg of the Champion League quarterfinals. His presence could had and maybe would had done Liverpool justice to reach the semifinals. However this goes for saying that Liverpool has done well without their skipper at times. Other players have come up to the mark, yet not as commanding as Gerrard but the results are promising. Liverpool will not shy away from this game. They will find the resource to make sure they put pressure on Arsenal on the night and on Manchester United after the game.

Arsenal will see back to back games against the top 4 teams in England. They conceded two cheap goals to Chelsea and they will be vulnerable to that sort of goal threat on Tuesday night. Arsenal will be rotating their squad on the night. Van Persie is doubtful as he is struggling with a groin strain so Bendtner will get a chance if Wenger choose to play a 4-4-2. Nasri will also feature as he was rested against Chelsea. This will definitely test the Arsenal squad depth and they will most likely spare anyone who is even slight injured to prepare for the Champion League encounter next week.

It’s a matter of who wants it the most on the night and the games between Liverpool and Arsenal always go the distance. However Arsenal might not have the bodies on the night to compete on the night simply they need to keep the ones fresh for another competition. Liverpool has only this game and will have to win to have a realistic chance to win the Premiership. All in all, a cautious Liverpool win might not be too far fetch as they were able to score 8 goals in two games with Gerrard. is offering odds 1.90. for Liverpool to win.

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